Migrating a Mediawiki to a new Linux server

To get you started: Get a Linux VPS. I chose Tavu.io, an ecohosting company with the data center deep inside the Finnish granite bedrock, a “renewable electricity only”-policy and a cloud infrastructure built on top of OpenStack. For OS I chose latest Debian Stable which was version 9 at the time of writing. Tavu.io created… Continue reading Migrating a Mediawiki to a new Linux server

Installing a Kubuntu 17.04 (again)

This is a blog post mainly about how to flexibly reinstall Kubuntu 17.04 GNU/Linux OS after the previous install running into troubled waters and break down. Cycle through more than one disk in the install clean approach so get an USB-to-SATA3 casing and some hard drives. The idea is that to install the next OS… Continue reading Installing a Kubuntu 17.04 (again)