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Intelligent backup solution with Rdiff or similar

Something along the lines of https://www.howtoforge.com/linux_rdiff_backup. Thanks to sterndata @ freenode for giving me the pointer on this. Currently I have few tens of gigabytes of stuff to backup, of which vital is few gigabytes but the storage server has currently 107GB in use. Diff is good. Rsync is good.

The big social media comparison report by Apotheker Juboxi.

  • I have already done for the http://faces.fi festival organizers a small comparison presentation in Swedish of the 4 free social medias I host:

http://www.tsu.co/ Tsū is my current favorite of the commercial social medias. It is basically a network marketing ploy to take all the best features and all the users of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and to give 90% of the ad-revenue to the uploaders of the content that gets they ads served to eyeballs connected to genuine brains. Also: Protects user content instead of just plundering it for a few dollars per user.


~ some guys on Tsū

“Yeah, well, what ain’t these days?”

~ jubo-jubo on the above quote

And me also sometimes saying that it is a network marketing ploy is not a joke. The more you get people to join the fatter your checks will be. That said I’m http://tsu.co/jukeboksi just in case you want an invite *kachinng*. So is a race to join, a race to get other people to join and a race to get the nice channel names and everyone who has Internet access is invited. Currently it ain’t encrypted so get urr GnuPG 4k or heavier keys.Tsū bank account balance graphic

$0.010 Tsū bank balance. Not bad. Only $0.04 to go till I can donate money within Tsū money transfer network.. Or maybe I could donate my one cent, I’ve just heard of the five cent friday. Some people 10x that, some 10,000x that.

Facebook is narsisistic satisfaction automation solution. But there ain’t much wrong with that, everybody needs narsisistic satisfaction. It is a basic human need.
Twitter is the original commercial microblogging platform. It does not much try to explain it’s functioning but is just waiting for other twitter users and the Internet to share their cues on what the software is doing. I am not very advanced in this.. Used to tweet about having a “cleaning my flat day” for years. The law of increasing entropy in a closed system to which work is not input statement.

What is the Twitter algorithm doing

Twitter is often not understood very well. I aim to chart what is its algorithm doing written from a human reader POV (point of view).