About me

Picture of Juho Kunsola
Juho Kunsola feeling relaxed in Old Kannelmäki where he is glad to live in.

File: Juho Kunsola

Longevity: over 1,000,000,000s


Languages spoken:

  • Fluent Finnish, English and Swedish.
  • Getting there languages French and Russian.
  • Few words in German and Chinese

Languages read and written: Java, perl, grep, bash, PHP, C, SQL, relational algebra


  • Tux
    Tux is the official mascot of the GNU/Linux family of operating systems

    GNU/Linux user since 1995. 1st own installation in 1998. Server LAMP sysadmin since 2007. Current OS Debian8.5 ( servers ) and Kubuntu16.04 LTS ( laptop ) and Android

  • Making marketing materials for various companies and pro-bono efforts since 1997
  • User:Jukeboksi: Wiki weaving since 2003 in Wikipedia
  • User:Juboxi: Founder and primary wiki designer of Consumerium effort – Enhancing Consumer Informedness
  • Customer service inclination and experience in both domestic languages. Phone, email, person.
  • Good skills in LibreOffice and Microsoft Office.
  • Statistical analysis with SPSS on 2 courses @ HH