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Flag of The Republic of Finland
Flag of The Republic of Finland drawn by User:SKopp of Wikimedia Commons. Considered under public domain due to the public nature of the subject matter.

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Hosting in Finland is expensive compared to the global price level but the data protection and anti-espionage laws in Finland are top notch.

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    Price leader in Finland, ecological and safe.

    Price leader is in Björneborg with data center built into a formed Finnish Defense Forces cave system inside the Finnish bedrock and the company uses exclusively renewable (mostly wind) electricity. Also if serving mostly Finnish customers the ecologicality of hosting in Finland will be appreciated by your customers. offers affiliates a one-time commission of 5% of the first bill of referred customers.

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    Mediam has excellent service but is expensive. is the main company of  which I have been a customer of for since 2007-03-28 and have never ever had service outages that were not caused (and fixed a little later on) by me. Naturally I have needed to renegotiate the terms of our contract on numerous occasions because there is really no sense in paying list price for ICT IaaS or telephony. I am happy to find that they founded their own fully owned and operated data center so I can rest assured they will be able to provide ample resources for decades to come.

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Click Click Click Do it nao! is probably the global price leader as of Summer 2016. They have an affiliate program to which I subscribe to and also a reseller program. I am not yet their customer but 512MB for 0,66€ / month + VAT of your domicile with a biennial contract, how much longer can I resist?

Host in Netherlands logo is professional, friendly and not prohibitively expensive. has been my economical, reliable and friendly hosting guys since July 2013 and I can full-heartedly recommend them as a high quality and reasonably priced solution to serving Central Europe. is proud to host a Debian package repository mirror for super fast installations and upgrades.

Host in France I am not a customer of theirs but their price is rather good and have been recommended them by someone I trust. Consider if you need to serve Central Europe.