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Updated Natural therapeutics § Pancreatic cancer

3 studies were added about pancreatic cancers and cannabis and one study about pancreatic cancer and dandelion root.

The in vitro study on ginger and pancreatic cancer should be followed up with in vivo testing.

The dandelion root water extract working against cancers, including pancreatic, has been established to the level of animal models in the case of bowel cancers. The Dandelion Root Project at University of Windsor, Ontario has studied dandelion root since 2009.

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Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer and cannabis

Studies about pancreatic cancer and cannabis

Pancreatic cancer and ginger

The ginger plant has shown effects against cancers in vitro, so in vivo studies are needed.

“Gingerol has been investigated w:in vitro for its effect on cancerous tumors of the bowel,[13][14] breast tissue,[15] ovaries,[16] and pancreas,[17] with positive results.”

~ Wikipedia on Gingerol as of 2019-11

Pancreatic cancer and dandelion root

The dandelion root contains the keys against many cancers.

Hand coloured print, plate 1 of Dens Leonis in A Curious Herbal, 1737 by Elizabeth Blackwell

The Dandelion Root Project at University of Windsor, Ontario has studied dandelion root since 2009 and they state on on their website:

“Since the commencement of this project, we have been able to successfully assess the effect of a simple water extract of dandelion root in various human cancer cell types, in the lab and we have observed its effectiveness against human T cell leukemia, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, pancreatic and colon cancers, with no toxicity to non-cancer cells. Furthermore, these efficacy studies have been confirmed in animal models (mice) that have been transplanted with human colon cancer cells.[18]

~ The Dandelion Root Project on anti-cancer properties of dandelion root water extract

Studies about pancreatic cancer and dandelion root


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