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Consumerium.org with 'C' consisting of a piece of a fractal
The Consumerium.org Effort – Enhancing Consumer Informedness  | “With better information, compassionate hearts and buying power something good can happen.”

Consumerium is a not-for-profit effort invented in 2000 and founded online in 2002 that seeks to gather and distribute information about companies, products and the underlying production processes to consumers, focusing on their environmental and societal impacts and to develop an universal feedback system. (read more)

Consumerium is Kuluttajisto in Finnish (Translation was invented by a bloke on a bus in 2003)

Kuluttajisto on voittoa tavoittelematon hanke, joka pyrkii kokoamaan ja jakamaan tietoa kuluttajille yrityksistä, tuotteistä sekä näiden tuotantoprosesseista ja niiden ympäristö- ja sosiaalisista vaikutuksista. Lisäksi suunitelmaan kuuluu universaalin palautejärjestelmän kehittäminen. (lue lisää)
PalestineTunnel.org – There Is a Way

The Mission

PalestineTunnel.org is an effort since 2004 to research the feasibility of and to promote the construction of a railway tunnel to connect Gaza Strip to West Bank to circumvent the geographical disjointedness of the planned State of Palestine without breaching the continuity of State of Israel. (read more)
Stop Synthetic Filth! wiki – A wiki about discovering ways of stopping and minimizing the damage from synthetic human-like fakes i.e digital look-alikes and digital sound-alikes that result from covert modeling i.e. thieving of the human appearance and of the naked human voice.

Biblical explanation – The books of Daniel and Revelations, wherein Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 we are warned of this age of industrial filth, is for those who believe in Jesus. Adequate Porn Watcher AI is a concept for an AI to protect the humans against synthetic filth attacks by looking for porn that should not be. (read more)

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