Translation: Tao Te King – Chapter 34. The perfect state

Chapter 34. The perfect state

The great Tao pushes through all things.

Less then three. Moving on ambivalent bot.
Less than three. Moving on ambivalent bot. Copyvio by Apotheker. Work by taty1410.

It is simultaneously on this side and the other side.

All living beings are dependent on it and under it.

It works, it finishes and doesn’t know the name of merit.

In love it works and it doesn’t demand itself proficiency in it.

It doesn’t know of asking for honor nor does it know of lust.

It can be put among the lowliest of creatures.

All things return to it in the end and it does not grow through this.

It can be mentioned among the greatest of things.

Thus a wise man refrains from valuing himself highly and therefore reaches greatness.


Own translation from 1925 Finnish translation by Pekka Ervast (ISBN 951-8995-01-X) with kind permission of Ruusu-Ristin Kirjallisuusseura ry.

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