Translation: Tao Te King – Chapter 42. Changes in Tao

Chapter 42. Changes in Tao

Out of the Tao seeped One.

Of One was Two born.

Of Two was Three born. And of Three are all things from.¹

Behind all beings is the unmanifested and in front of them the manifested.

Trisquel, an alteration of the Yin Yang motif with three colors instead of 2
Trisquel Sam Teaguk PD by artist and uploader ZooFari

They are connected by the immaterial respiration.²

Orphanity, seclusion and wheelless carriages the people dread, yet kings and wise men consider such names credit to themselves.

For beings grow, when they are deprived of, and when they are added to they lessen.

What people teach with their actions, that I reciprocally use to teach them.

E.g. rough and hot-headed people do not die a natural death.

They give a good lesson and I use their lesson to my advantage.

  1. Mr. Ervast: “Out of the absolute divine emanates the first, second and third Logos. Secret teachings speak everywhere also with cabbalistic numbers.”
  2. Mr. Ervast: “Godly omnilife  in its action is called the great respiration.”

Own translation from 1925 Finnish translation by Pekka Ervast (ISBN 951-8995-01-X) with kind permission of Ruusu-Ristin Kirjallisuusseura ry.

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