Translation: Tao Te King – Chapter 75. The evil of greed

Chapter 75. The evil of greed

Image of farm workers harvesting a rice crop by hand
Photo by Kusakabe Kimbei. PD-life-plus-70

The people suffer hunger because those above them set heavy tax burdens on them. This is the cause of their lacking.

The people are hard to govern because of the commanding nature of those who are above them. This is the source of confusion.

People despise death because enduring life is so much pain.

That is the reason of their carelessness towards death.

That is why it is better to live secluded than to make much a-do about your life.

Own translation from 1925 Finnish translation by Pekka Ervast (ISBN 951-8995-01-X) with kind permission of Ruusu-Ristin Kirjallisuusseura ry.

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